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Michael Beatty: City Scrapes

Michael Beatty - City Scrapes (Bluewingmusic)
New York City singer-songwriter Michael Beatty is a throwback to the early ‘70s when artists like Elton John (with Bernie Taupin) and James Taylor broke through on the back of superior song craft rather than any inherent hipness. It’s a breath of fresh air to hear a songwriter so passionate about words and melody without encumbering themselves with contemporary restrictions and lowest common denominator aesthetics. Beatty’s a songwriter for grown-ups, and his words and music, in fact his whole demeanor, comes with a welcome maturity.

His instrument of choice is, of course, piano; and he’s ably supported by a band with shared experience playing with everyone from Aretha Franklin, Ashford & Simpson and Nina Simone, to Elton John, Carole King and Gavin DeGraw. These are top-notch musicians and they help give “City Scrapes” a sheen of Brill Building sophistication, happily without sacrificing Beatty’s sidewalk blues. The best songs here, “My Street”, “You and Me: Together” and “Night Show” take their places in a New York tradition that includes the work of Dion DiMucci and “Streetlife Serenade” period Billy Joel. If any of this seems vaguely appealing I can only suggest you give “City Scrapes” a spin.
Rob F.

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